Louisiana ’08

December 30, 2008

I recently got back from my annual trip to Louisiana to visit my family.  Overall it was pretty exciting.  


I bunched all of the pictures together, but most of them are from Prospect 1 in New Orleans.  

While there, I visited the NOMA and the CAC.


 I wasn’t able to get many  pictures from the Contemporary Arts Center than I did, but there were many really neat things there.  

* One really great one was Candice Breitz’s video installation, LEGEND (A portrait of Bob Marley).  Thirty Jamaicans individually sing their version of Legend to headphones.  It’s really cool.  This is the only video i could find of it.


* Jackie Sumell’s work, The House that Herman Built 

A sort of collaboration between artist and Angola prisoner (Herman Wallace) answering the question “What kind of house does a man who lives in a 6-foot by 9-foot cell for over 30 years dream of?”

Through a 4 year correspondence , Sumell was able to create multimedia examples of Herman’s dream house, including a fly-through CAD model (pictured above).

Here is the Times Picayune article on it.


There were a few other artists included that I don’t have documentation of, but they included: Julie Mehretu, Robin Rhode, Isaac Julien (who’s video installation starred and was entitled Baltimore), and Allora & Calzadilla.


If in the area, it’s worth it.  I wish I would’ve had more time to explore because I know it won’t be there the next time I visit.


Lazy Louisiana

April 12, 2008

Just a quick update about my location.  There will be more when i get back.

So far I’ve learned and experienced the delightful Japanese plum.


My paw paw grows them and you can eat them right off the tree.  DEEElicious.  Also last night my wonderful cousin took me out to Magazine Street to the Balcony

We left at three though the beautiful thing about this city is that we could’ve stayed out all night.

i’ll have lots more pictures and updates.  I’ll also talk about the spillway and what it is and how it’s the first time in 11 years that they’ve opened it.  Later gators from way down south.