Love muffins

May 18, 2009

Katie and I got back from Montreal last week. Although we enjoyed our food there, we were both excited to have home-cooked meals.  It was hard eating out every day and not having very much say in our food preparation.  One of few souvenirs that I got was something I’ve been wanting for a long while, is a salt pig.  Just like in cooking shows, it makes that extra dash so much more country cooking feeling.  What a weidro, I know.  What I was looking for was a general, simple, porcelain type like this.


Actually I was dying to get my hands on one from Emile Henry salt pig, I always drooled over it in William Sonoma.

TEH0201.33.jpgWhen we stopped in Burlington, VT there were a ton of cute kitchen shops.  I found the best thing ever.



A salt PIG.  It’s made my the company RSVP International and was much much cheaper than, well, anything at William Sonoma.

Fun kitchen gadgets help to make cooking and learning to cook fun.  I decided I never bake, so I made muffins.



Then I got some kind of delirious motive to cook dinner.  So why not roast a chicken?  Cause I’ve never done it before.  Katie kindly took me out to get ingredients and a chicken.  I started cooking at 8 pm and we didn’t eat til around 11, but I’m glad that we did it, cause it wasn’t easy.


I lined the pan with onions, garlic, and potatoes.  And set some onions and garlic aside to stuff into the chicken.


The chicken sat on the onions in the middle.

A little side note:  This was my first time handling a whole chicken.  I’m not going to lie, it’s extremely uncool.  It takes a lot of ignoring to keep yourself from going veggie when picking up a whole chicken.  It’s way easier when it’s cut up into happy little pieces for you.  I got through it, but I learned I’m not quite as tough as I thought.


Also since it was my first time, I was afraid of course that it would taste bad and that we would have to throw it all away.  So I basted it with a little bit of butter.


Then stuck the onions garlic, and a couple whole sprigs of rosemary from the herb window.  Also a couple splashes of dry white wine.  Popped it in for a couple of hours, and there it was.


Next time I might use more vegetables, more colors.  Anyway, the leftovers are awesome.  Real home cooking by a really amateur cook.  Yum enough for me.



A very near and dear friend of mine celebrated her 24th birthday yesterday.  Here is our celebration, and what led up to it.


I found a really cool cake recipe on The Omnomicon blog, via Apartment Therapy


2 Cans of Soda, 2 Boxes white cake mix

2 Cans of Soda, 2 Boxes white cake mix

Divided up into 6 even bowls and added crazy amounts of color.  So bad for you, but it’s just this once, right?


Dropped colors into pretty color ordered blobs

Dropped colors into pretty color-ordered blobs

The blog recommended gel colors.  I guess they’re better.  


Bake and toothpick

Bake and toothpick

I feel the need at this point to assure you that I did not mess with the digital picture colors.  At all.  I had  speculated on the original blog’s pictures.  But I take it back.  The cake really is this bright and brilliant.


And cool.  It was a lovely day by the way.

And cool. It was a lovely day by the way.


Very lovely.

Very lovely.

We decided that for the icing we would go for a teal.  It turned out being pretty Tiffany blue.  I loved it.


Pretty enough to stick a diamond ring into.

Pretty enough to stick a diamond ring into.


And a B for Blaire!

And a B for Blaire!


It's not a birthday without balloons.

It's not a birthday without balloons.

We also made something very special for her.  And distasteful.  Mostly the latter.


Not just a paper mache penis.  But it's filled with candy.

Not just a paper mache penis. But it's filled with candy.

The get together was crazy.  The pinata was a hit.   


Literally a hit.  pffffff

Literally a hit. pffffff

And the cake looked fantastic.  Even when being ripped apart. 


Poor cake.

Poor cake.

Poor little cake.

Poor little cake.

 I haven’t baked in quite sometime, so I’m pretty proud and happy with the result.  I think I’ll bake special things much more often.  I could use some excuses to be a little more domestic from time to time.