I recently finished part one of a mini embroidery project.  I’m doing a small series of waterfowl inspired from Audubon’s illustrations.  Luckily I received my best reference as a Christmas present.


First up is the Snowy Egret, or Ciconiiformes Ardeidae Egretta thula as I always say.


I had also recently bought Embroidered Birds by Helen M. Stevens from Daedalus Books.  It truthfully was only a little helpful as far as techniques, but was still interesting to look at.

I started using a linen cotton needlepoint fabric.  I had a difficult transferring my design at first, but I think I’ve got it now.


I started with the darkest shadows first and worked color range dark to light in order.




It turned out pretty good I think.  Not the best lighting, but here it is:



The feet were just as tedious as they were fun.

Also, after knocking my  table top fashioned out of a magazine off of the chair arms enough times, I got fed up and got smarter and made this:


Next up is the Brown Pelican, you know, the Pelecaniformes Pelecanidae Pelecanus occidentalis.


Treasure Find!

November 29, 2008

Rather than braving the malls or 4 am Kohl’s massacres on black Friday, Katie and I finished a few home projects and went to the Value Village.  There we discovered  a table we liked was not just a table, but a sewing machine cabinet.  For $15 it was worth the haul.  




come inside..



It works.  I’ve tested it and I think I have it pretty much all figured out.  But I haven’t had the chance yet to actually sit down and give it a shot.  Maybe later today or tomorrow.


The thing about taking in new furniture into our apartment right now is that all of our furnishings must be as functional as possible.  So for now the table will have to be a table as well as a sewing machine. 


A Sea Pink Month

September 5, 2008

I found a new use for the greedy amounts of paint chips we steal at every shopping trip.  I made a back-to-school calender for my old lady.

My favorite color swatch name is fashion plum (September 9th).