art on paper

September 5, 2008

May I please have this

the portrait—landscape sketchbook, beautiful



Oh Fred!

September 2, 2008

After becoming familiar with popular Pick your nose cups, I’ve been checking out my new favorite design brands’ website.  They have a lot of amazingly cool and fun things.


Dust bunny:

The Ear Ring:(which I actually bought a couple years ago at the Body Worlds gift shop in Philly

Also from the nose ideas:

The wishosaurus!!:

Frozen smiles..ewwwww:


Other things to check out, stuck up fridge magnets, bubble scrubber-scrub brush bubble wand, and shower mic.



Ccccheck it

here is something i made for katie when she was sick.  it’s a get wellkephant.  it usually makes sad sick girlfriends feel better.  which brings me to the question…what is an elkephant?

welp, the elkephant was first discovered by my girlfriend when i was away last summer.  she made a drawing of it, then i did, then our friends did.  from there, came a new era of evolution in animal species.   suddenly, it was quite possible for animals of different race, creed, and religion to mate and spread love around the world.  the elkephant is a symbol of loyalty, love, and humanity in this crazy world we call baltimore.

I found a sketchbook from last summer in the back of my car.  In it were some funny things that I had forgotten about.

1. Some random drawings (of course)

2.  The beginnings of the elkephant itself (annnnd the elkefawn)

3.  Some other hybrid inventions (which will be featured in the hybrid zine, coming your way)




May 14, 2008

(and liza minelli)

October 22, 1925 – May 12, 2008

“I don’t ever want to go, I don’t have a sense of great reality about the next world; my feet are too ugly to wear those golden slippers. But I’m working on my fear of it. And my fear is that something interesting will happen, and I’ll miss it.”

NY times article on him