Home sweet home

November 19, 2008

Katie and I just finished moving all of our belongings into our new place.  The bedroom is so sparse and lame with just a mattress.  But it’s a nice blank canvas for us to work with.  The living room, though a work in progress, feels so nice and put together.  I think I would’ve gone absolutely insane if I had to come from work to a less than cozy situation.  


It’s evening in these pictures so it’s impossible to understand the amount of sunlight that this room gets.  It’s amazing and it would be a shame for us not to get some plants.


This is Katie’s collection of pictures.  I love them.  I hung them last night while she was in class so she’d feel like it was home.  I stuck up there an embroidery I’ve been avoiding finishing for some reason.


It’s hard to see the adorable little desk that Blaire’s mom gave us.  It’s a lovely shade of green.  And the map of Peru fits so nicely above it and ties it together as a work space.  Makes me want to do some homework, but I don’t have any.


We combined our collections.  Mine is animal skulls and hers is cameras.  I think they go quite well together.  Above is the Audubon print that I gave Katie for our 1 year anniversary.  It’s of blue jays eating eggs.




The fireplace had a tacky faux marble sponge technique on the brick.  I could not take it anymore and I painted it black without asking.  I’m not sorry either.


This is the bench that Blaire’s mom gave us.  It’s the same color as the desk and fits in really nicely.  It’s standing in for the sofa that goes with the chairs that my parents gave me.  I threw my first weaving ever on it, cause well, it matched.  It will probably go under the framed pictures for dining when the sofa is here.  Our kitchen is back there as well as the bedroom doorway.  Both are not ready for visitors.  The front entrance is pretty cute too.  I hung up some fleur-de-lis hooks for our keys which is the most necessary organization at the moment.


Oh Fred!

September 2, 2008

After becoming familiar with popular Pick your nose cups, I’ve been checking out my new favorite design brands’ website.  They have a lot of amazingly cool and fun things.


Dust bunny:

The Ear Ring:(which I actually bought a couple years ago at the Body Worlds gift shop in Philly

Also from the nose ideas:

The wishosaurus!!:

Frozen smiles..ewwwww:


Other things to check out, stuck up fridge magnets, bubble scrubber-scrub brush bubble wand, and shower mic.



Ccccheck it

here is something i made for katie when she was sick.  it’s a get wellkephant.  it usually makes sad sick girlfriends feel better.  which brings me to the question…what is an elkephant?

welp, the elkephant was first discovered by my girlfriend when i was away last summer.  she made a drawing of it, then i did, then our friends did.  from there, came a new era of evolution in animal species.   suddenly, it was quite possible for animals of different race, creed, and religion to mate and spread love around the world.  the elkephant is a symbol of loyalty, love, and humanity in this crazy world we call baltimore.


Katie just recently got an old viewmaster from the thrift store and I’ve seen quite a few lately in antique stores.  While researching I came across an article about the inventor of the viewmaster, William Gruber.  

In 1962, anatomist David L. Bassett teamed up with Gruber to create the 25-volume “Stereoscopic Atlas of Human Anatomy” from very carefully and preserved bodies. (Awesome) As of now Stanford University is trying to get the images online where they may be viewed in stereo form with special glasses.  The images are simply incredible.  Here are a few.

Here is the link to the article that has a slideshow of some of the images.


Also a fun piece of info, Gruber was initially a German pipe-organ maker.