I like you, Amy

November 8, 2008

Last night was a blast getting to go and see Amy Sedaris at the Weinburg.  The show was a sort of Q&A interviewish kind of thing.  Afterwards you could get her to sign her book, which I gave to Blaire last Christmas so she got hers signed.

Of course she was so funny and cute, but my favorite thing was her how to make things demonstrations.  She showed us one, which she “fucking loves.”  It’s a can that you can put a tooth or a quarter in, seal it up, paint something like a red cross on it and put it next to your bed.  If something bad happens to you, like oh falling out of the bed, you simply shake the can and someone will come to your rescue.  She also told us about her pot holders which she’s really good at making.  We bought a set cause she was selling them afterwards.  Just another excellent thing to display in our new kitchen next week.

pot holdersI feel pretty special about having them.  And it makes me think how much money I can save just on making people feel special for Christmas.


One Response to “I like you, Amy”

  1. brokenbike said

    i missed you my favorite blogger.

    i think we need to have that book in our library, clearly we will have to consult it for all of our fabulous clubs/parties.

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