September 15, 2008

park. Love park is nice. 



Thank you, bud.


Ain’t like it used to be

September 6, 2008

Katie and I stumbled upon the most coolest antique store on a spontaneous search for the Amish one day.  What we found was about 2 hours of curiosity and a super sweet store owner who was so excited to point out her favorite things to us.  The only thing I bought was this amazing Thermos with a gorgeous design.  Apparently so few exist because of how fragile they are, which is exactly the reason why I’m terrified to use it. I don’t trust my butter fingers to enjoy the benefits of this genius design.  But here it is to enjoy, in the safety of 2-D format.

A Sea Pink Month

September 5, 2008

I found a new use for the greedy amounts of paint chips we steal at every shopping trip.  I made a back-to-school calender for my old lady.

My favorite color swatch name is fashion plum (September 9th).

art on paper

September 5, 2008

May I please have this

the portrait—landscape sketchbook, beautiful


Oh Fred!

September 2, 2008

After becoming familiar with popular Pick your nose cups, I’ve been checking out my new favorite design brands’ website.  They have a lot of amazingly cool and fun things.


Dust bunny:

The Ear Ring:(which I actually bought a couple years ago at the Body Worlds gift shop in Philly

Also from the nose ideas:

The wishosaurus!!:

Frozen smiles..ewwwww:


Other things to check out, stuck up fridge magnets, bubble scrubber-scrub brush bubble wand, and shower mic.



Ccccheck it