sweets and sweets

May 3, 2008

I appreciate candy on many levels and recently have been reading various candy blogs and getting to know really what’s out there.  It all started with 1 box of sweet tarts:


and my stacking/building thing.


So the point is, there’s a lot of candy art and candy as art and candy as other things out there to be appreciated.

Like a hummer, made out of gumballs by Heidi Heisse. 

There are so many really nice candy blogs out there, too.  http://zomgcandy.com is a really cool one that mostly chocolate stuff.  candyaddict.com/ is pretty good for a variety of reviews, but the best i’ve found yet is candyblog.  It’s way cool, very thorough and written quite well.  

Another thing I’ve looked for is the weirdest (and grossest) novelty candy that exists.  And I definately have found some:

ear wax candy

gummy haggis?

i couldn’t put this in my mouth. 

gummy t-bone.

and possibly my fav:

(they also have abe lincoln.)

on this note i’m going on a diet and buying some lego’s to satisfy my color/building needs.



One Response to “sweets and sweets”

  1. brokenbike said

    ha i’d like a marie antoinette pop please.

    ps sorry for destroying your candy art

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